Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

All Sport Imaging ActionWhat is All Sport Imaging?

All Sport Imaging is a sports photo organization which specializes in high quality team, individual, stock, and action photos of athletes of all abilities. 

Born by the demand to provide a photojournalistic approach to sports photography, All Sport Imaging photographers capture the true essence of the action on, and off, the field of play.

How does a Photo Day work and much does it cost (our organization/parents)?

For T&I (Team & Indiviudal) Photo Day services, we work with your team's organization to schedule a day to take posed photos of your athlete and team.

A few days later the photos will be available here on our website for you to preview and where you will have the opportunity to order photos and photo products such as mugs, keychains, bag tags, etc. In about three weeks, we'll deliver your order to your team representative for distribution.

We think you will find our prices and products are very competitive based on the quality of what we offer.

How about Action Photos?

For Action Photos, you only pay for individual photos after we take them - and after you've had a chance to see them.

You or your team supply us with an up-to-date event or league schedule, either print or on-line, and we'll send photographers for that particular date or if you want, throughout the season to cover selected games. 

By the end of the event, or season, we will then have plenty of action photos of each team and player from your organization posted to our website for you to select and purchase either Digital Downloads, Prints, or Products.

We usually post photos within 48 hours after an event day for your review and purchase here on our website.

If I order something on your site how much does it cost to ship it to me?

Free shipping on orders greater than $75.00! Use Coupon Code FREESHIP75 We try to keep things simple.

Digital downloads have no shipping or handling fees and no sales tax.

Our prints and products have a Flat Rate of $6.95, no matter the size of order. If your order is $75.00 or greater, you may use Coupon Code FREESHIP75 and the shipping cost is on us!

Just remember, you can't "stack" coupons, so for instance, you can't use a $10 off coupon and get free shipping. So please use whichever coupon code will get you the best deal - and save the other one for later use!

If you live in the Chicago area, we also offer local pick up at our South Loop location. Just choose "Pick Up" during checkout and we'll contact you to coordinate a convienent time for you to drop by and pick up your order.

Unfortunately, sales tax is included on orders with an Illinois shipping address.

Can our organization use All Sport Imaging to raise funds for our organization?

Yes! We would welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization. We have a few ways to raise money for your organization. One is with a "reservation" fee. The parent/guardian pays a small fee to "reserve" a photographer to take pictures of their athlete during the event - and we donate that fee back to you. Or, if you allow us to be your official team photographer, at the end of the season, we will make a cash contribution equal to a percentage of the gross purchases (excluding tax and shipping) made through our site of your team's photo galleries posted on our site.

PhotogsThe other is a typical team "Photo Day". This can be handled in one of two ways. In the first scenario, your organization will contract with us to pay for and provide a specific photo package for all team members. The cost of the photos are then included in your organization's fees - and the player has no photo day costs. The second is when the organization just assists in scheduling a photo day, but it is the player's responsibility to pay for his/her own photo package.

In either case, we can make a contribution back to the organization based on the amount of sales realized. 

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information on providing any of these services.

Can't I just take the same type of photos myself?

Maybe. All Sport Imaging photographers use the latest professional quality digital cameras and lenses that are typically cost prohibitive for the casual user.

Without getting into too many mundane details, if you have a camera that can take photos at 1/4000th of a second (or faster), has high ISO (low light) capabilities, has the ability to use f/2.8 aperture (or faster) long focal length interchangeable lenses - AND the knowledge to use all these features in the correct combinations, then you probably can take fairly decent action sports photos.

But if you don't, we're here with the equipment and knowledge that can do the job - while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the event.